• What is CampusSelect?
      •  CampusSelect connects high school students in the college process to current, compatible undergraduate mentors through video chat. Standard college information sessions and tours often leave the prospective student confused about which schools they prefer, as the lack authenticity and only provide surface-level information. High school students need detailed and personalized information when trying to find their best fit school. We created CampusSelect to inform high school students about colleges in a genuine and individualized way, so they are best prepared to make the right decision.
  • Why should I use CampusSelect?
    • If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should use our services:
      • Are you looking for personalized, genuine, and helpful information about a college?
      • Do you find college information sessions and tours to leave you confused and uncertain about your schools?
      • Are you applying to a school as an early decision applicant but can’t decide where to apply, or want reassurance?
      • Are you trying to narrow down your college list?
      • Have you been admitted to several schools and are trying to decide which one to attend?
      • Are you unable to visit all of your desired school because of costs, time or any other reasons?
      • Have you found talking with current college students to be helpful during the college process?
      • Do you want to take a lot of the pressure and stress out of the college process?
      • Do you need help developing essay ideas about a certain school or program?
  • How do the video calls work?
    •  We send links to a video chat room to both the high school student and the college mentor before the scheduled time of the call. Please note, CampusSelect calls may be monitored for quality assurance purposes.
  • Is CampusSelect affiliated with any college?
    • No, CampusSelect is not currently affiliated with any schools.
  • How many schools do you offer?
    • We currently offer 40+ schools all over the country. These options including both private & public institutions, liberal arts, STEM-specific, etc. 
  • What if I don’t see my school?
    • Please contact us! You can request a school that is not currently on our site, and we’ll try our best to find you a compatible student. We’re always trying to expand our network!

For High School Students

  • How much does a video call on CampusSelect cost?
    • We offer two packages. The “Basic” package is $25 for a 30-minute call, and the “Plus” package is $45 for a one-hour call. We do offer special discounts, so email us for details!
  • What time can I set up the call?
    • Whenever you want, as long as there is an available time shared by both you and the mentor. Our team will take care of all the coordination. 
  • How do I get matched with a college student?
    • Both the prospective student and the mentor fill out a form detailing their demographic information, interests, extracurriculars, sports, and major/programs. We match students and mentors based on compatibility to ensure for the most comfortable and helpful conversations.
  • What can I ask?
    • Anything you want, ranging from academics, admissions, campus culture, nightlife and so on!  If you are interested in a particular major or program, ask about that as well. Just keep it appropriate and don’t ask for personal information.
    • How do you ensure quality?
      • We interview all of our mentors to make sure that they are friendly, welcoming and helpful. As for the call itself, we monitor them for quality purposes.
    • How old do I have to be to use CampusSelect?
      • Under COPPA, you must be at least 14 years old to use our services. See more in our Terms of Use. 

    For College Students

    • How much do I make?
      • CampusSelect Mentors make $15/HR.
    • What is my job?
      • Your job is simple. Provide high school students with accurate, genuine and personalized information to help them find their best fit school. Share stories and experiences, so they truly understand what your school is actually like. Share with them any information you wish you had known before making your final college decision.
    • How do I get paid
      • We’ll send you money via Paypal within five business days. When you sign up with us, please provide us with your PayPal information so that we can send you the money.
    • Can I still be a mentor if I’ve graduated from college?
      • We only accept current undergraduate students since they can provide the best and most accurate insight into the college. 
    • How does CampusSelect verify college hosts?
      • We interview mentors, have them to answer specific questions and also require a .edu email address.

    Refund Policy

    • Are there refunds if a student cancels on a CampusSelect call that has already been scheduled?
      • No, if a call has already been scheduled, no refunds will be provided for students who cancel last minute or do not show up for the call. However, the call can be rescheduled for a future date for a nominal fee. 
    • How are mentors compensated if the student does not show up for a call?
      • As a mentor, you will receive 30% of your payment if the student does not show up and the other 70% upon completion of the call if it is rescheduled for a future date.



     If you have any further questions, please contact our team at any time!



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