Independent Educational Consultants (IEC)

CampusSelect will work closely with Independent Educational Consultants (IEC) and College Counselors to help personalize the college application process. IEC’s and Counselors are always looking for the best way to provide accurate, individualized and unbiased information about colleges and CampusSelect calls provide aid for them to do so.

We will provide you with another resource that will further help your clients understand if their desired schools will be the right fit. CampusSelect calls provide unique and necessary insight from a current student's perspective, helping your clients to fully comprehend everything from student life on campus to the specifics of their desired major. We only pair students with compatible mentors, ensuring the most relevant, comfortable and informative calls.

If you are interested in learning more about how CampusSelect can work with your company, please contact us in the form below. We offer discounted prices for IEC’s and College Counselors, so feel free to request a quote by clicking on the link below.




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