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"This year I went on tons of college tours, but hated how impersonal the sessions were. I have been thinking about applying early decision to Carnegie Mellon University for engineering, but was still hesitant. My conversation with a CMU mechanical engineering  student helped me clarify that CMU would be the right school for me. Gordon, my mentor, shared stories, and experiences with me which really helped me to picture myself at CMU. I received so much helpful information that I couldn't have learned anywhere else."

"My CampusSelect call really allowed me to learn more about the biology and pre-med track at the University of Pennsylvania. My mentor Carly, a current student in the pre-med track, answered every one of my questions perfectly, shared stories from her own classes, gave me ideas for my essays and helped me understand the curriculum on a much deeper level. I am confident in my choice to apply Early Decision to Penn, and CampusSelect helped me make the decision to do so."

"I’ve learned more about college and Upenn from my 1-hour conversation than from the past year of research and visits. My CampusSelect mentor, Jake, answered all my questions in crazy detail and really opened my eyes to the “real” version of college rather than the frightening process of getting accepted. So overall, I’m way more confident now than I have ever been in my college journey."

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Choosing the right college is difficult. CampusSelect is a web platform that connects high school students in the application process to current, compatible college students at their desired schools through video chat. 

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